The Maternal Health Advocacy and Educational Board Game “Walking with Mrs X”


Gwyneth Lewis Hands on for Mothers Charity and Institute for Women’s Health University College London
Gaynor Maclean, Hands on for Mothers Charity

The revised training and advocacy board game “Walking with Mrs. X” teaches participants about the health, social, economic and societal barriers to healthy pregnancies in resource poor countries and how these may be overcome. Piloted by midwives in the UK and Africa it has proved extremely educative and popular. Each player represents a pregnant woman, their own “Mrs X”, who may come from any background or country as the game and illustrations are universal. Each Mrs. X walks through her pregnancy where the positive or negative factors affecting her or her baby’s outcome are decided by throwing a dice. After all mothers have either delivered safely or died their individual stories are presented and discussed as a teaching aide.   It is free to download and translate with two sets of playing cards, one for use by health professionals and one for others. It is supported by WHO, ICM and FIGO.