Task Master: Mining for Data™, a Fun and Interactive Game for Workforce Analysis


Leah Hart, Jhpiego
Catherine Carr, Jhpiego

Jhpiego, an international NGO focused on maternal/newborn health for more than 40 years, has conducted several task analysis studies in 7 different countries since 2007. These studies have provided Ministries with valuable information that has been used to update job descriptions, curricula and educational tracks for various health care professions, to maximize health workforce coverage. Beginning in 2013, Jhpiego began exploring innovative data collection methods, to reduce responder fatigue and improve data reliability for their task analysis studies. As a result, Task Master: Mining for Data (TM), a fun and interactive game for workforce analysis, was created. Participants in this session will play the game, providing responses to a sample maternal/newborn health care task list to see how an accurate, up to date description of a health care cadre’s functions can be obtained using this data collection method, which is adaptable to various health care workers and settings.