Supporting Birth in Alternative Positions


Sheena Currie, Jhpiego
Lisa Noguchi, Jhpiego
Scholastica Chibehe, Jhpiego

One key component of implementing respectful maternity care is to protect the woman’s right to assume the position of her choice during labor and birth. Freedom to choose labor and birth positions impacts the woman’s comfort level and the speed of progression of labor. Giving women the freedom to choose labor and birth positions has benefits for the woman, baby, and the health system. A woman’s lack of choice in birthing position is recognized as a barrier to some women’s use of facility based birth care.  Building providers’ competence and confidence to support a range of birth positions can help to create more client-centered maternity services that may be associated with better satisfaction and utilization of facility childbirth services. This interactive skills session will demonstrate new tools and training materials to support alternative birth positions and provide opportunities for hands-on skills practice and simulations using birth models.