Kohie Goth Women Hospital Vacuum Delivery


Syed Sher Shah, Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health
Shoaib Sobani, Kohie Goth Women Hospital
Shamim Akhtar, Kohie Goth Women Hospital

Kohie Goth Women Hospital Vacuum Delivery System [KGWHVDS] is a simple device developed to help women in second stage of labor when pregnant women need help because of failure in maternal effort or maternal exhaustion. The instrument is extremely cheap, easy to apply and has no associated complications if used after basic training in its application. The disposable instrument costs about $2-3 and is available in sterilized plastic packaging. It can be used immediately after breaking the seal. The packet also contains a written manual with a normal delivery kit. The skill demonstration will include display and use of KGWHVDS by trained doctors. This device can be easily replicated for use in low resource settings. It is hoped that the instrument will be used by midwives and skilled birth attendants in the absence of rural and secondary health care centers.