Improved Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) Monitoring Using a New FHR Monitor and Innovative Training


Ida Neuman, Laerdal Global Health
Tore Lærdal, Laerdal Global Health
Hege Langli Ersdal, Stavanger University Hospital

Monitoring FHR during labor is key for identifying fetuses at risk. Early identification and timely obstetric responses can reduce neonatal mortality, birth asphyxia and stillbirths. The aim of this workshop is to introduce a new FHR monitor, Moyo, and the training program complementing it. Moyo won an SLAB grant and is currently being tested in Tanzania. It is designed for intermittent and prolonged FHR monitoring in low-resource settings. With a 9-crystal sensor, Moyo detects FHR 9times faster than a standard Doppler. Moyo can be attached to the mother’s abdomen for prolonged monitoring and gives an alarm when the FHR is abnormal. Moyo can also measure maternal pulse.  The skills demonstration will consist of a mini introduction to Moyo, followed by a training on interpreting the readings and doing the correct interventions. The session is interactive going through different scenarios using a FHR simulator, and a specially developed FHR card game.