Experience on the Provision of Safe Abortion Services in the Context of Mexico City, Following the Legalization of the Procedure

Session: Improving Access and Quality of Safe Abortion Services: Global Lessons and Questions

Presenter: Patricio Sanhueza, Ministry of Health, Mexico City

Right after the legalization of abortion in Mexico City in 2007, provision of quality abortion services proved to be a challenge. The Legal Termination of Pregnancy Program (ILE, in Spanish) in the public sector has continuously evolved since its implementation to meet the high demand for abortion services, as a result of the law approval in the city. From initially performing now-outdated procedures and offering the services only at the hospital level, to the use of the latest evidence-based technologies and shifting the services to the primary care level, we have succeeded in meeting this high demand while still keeping the quality of services women deserve. Currently, our program provides approximately 85% of the abortion procedures through medical abortion and most of the clients are attended in our four primary care clinics.