Estimating the Financial Value of Women’s Contributions to Health Care: The Global Valuing the Invaluable Study

Session: Maternal Newborn Health and Sustainable Development: What Can We Learn from Women and Health?

Presenter: Felicia Marie Knaul, Miami Institute for the Americas, College of Arts and Sciences, and Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami; “Tomatelo a Pecho, A.C”; Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud

In this presentation, Felicia Marie Knaul will describe a key piece of the original research undertaken by the Women and Health Commission, the Global Valuing the Invaluable study, through which the financial value of women’s contributions to health care (both in health systems and in their homes and communities) was estimated. Analyzing data from “use of time” surveys in 31 countries, this groundbreaking study shows that women’s work represents an “invisible subsidy” to health systems accounting for a large proportion of their national Gross Domestic Product, or trillions of dollars. She will also discuss the experiences of some countries that put policies and programs in place that compensate women in their roles as domestic caregivers and adopted gender as an essential element towards achieving universal health coverage.