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Following GMNHC2015, the conference co-chairs published a commentary blog with the Public Library of Science titled The Global Development Framework in Transition: Where are Mothers and Newborns in the Post-2015 Era?. The commentary outlines ten critical actions for maternal newborn health, featured in this poster.

Global News

UN set new targets to protect more moms, babies
CCTV America | 17 June 2016

Gates, Slim target maternal, newborn health in Central America
Michael O’Boyle, Reuters | 21 October 2015

Are we winning against maternal and infant mortality?
Azad Essa, Al Jazeera | 20 October 2015

Q&A: Mother-infant health progress requires no magic
Azad Essa, Al Jazeera | 20 October 2015

Melinda Gates’ keys to leadership (Las claves de Melinda Gates para el liderazgo)
CNN TV | 19 October 2015

Melinda Gates: Still work to do in maternal, newborn health
Christopher Sherman, Associated Press | 19 October 2015

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